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When all the answers have been given to you, why still leave the paper blank?

When the world has given you reasons not to, why still go for it?

When you are given a band-aid to relieve you of the pain, why still endure it?

When given training wheels, why still ride a bike despite knowing you will fall every 30 seconds?

When told to speak up, why still keep quiet?

When food is laid out in front of you, why still choose to go hungry?

When given time to sleep, why still stay up late?

When all the signs are telling you to go right, why still choose to go left?

You have the power to choose, but why choose the harder and more difficult option? You have your own reasons, own framework and own support system behind your decisions that may not be understood by many but is clearly understood by you. The basis of your choice is so powerful that no one can actually judge you for it. For as long as you believe it is true, then you must will it to be true. However, the real question then comes in. How far are you willing to go with your choice? – Is the tradeoff worth it? Do all the hardship, hurt and trials experienced balance out that fulfilling feeling of standing by your decision? Is the power of choice strong enough to keep you from being weak? If your answers to the last three questions were ‘YES’, ‘YES’ and ‘YES’, then you must have done something right. Otherwise, don’t you worry. Life will go on as usual but you still have the power to choose which path it will follow.