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Happy 2013! Didn’t see much fireworks that night, so we drew some instead!

There’s just something about a holiday or worldwide event that pushes you to do things you don’t normally do on a regular day. But come to think of it.. January 1, 2013 is just like any other day so why do people make resolutions and promises (that are rarely followed and end up broken respectively)? If you were to ask me, a holiday-loving person, I would tell you that it is because of two things: (1) that magical feeling you just get as the countdown is coming to an end and begins anew for next year (2) the fact that you’re not alone in – celebrating this day/making these resolutions and promises with the intention of actually keeping them.

As pessimistic as it sounds, I honestly did not feel the holiday spirit (Christmas and New Year’s). But what I did differently was to actually put in effort and try to feel it. For Christmas, I gave out gifts, which I did not really get to do last 2011, and sent out ‘warm’ greetings to my friends, old classmates and family. On New Year’s Eve, I bonded with my family in the province and told my friends how much I appreciate them. I even made an actual list of resolutions that I intend to fulfill by the end of the year. (I only made 13 so I can keep track of them and it is just perfect for 2013)

  1. Try new things (food, experiences).
  2. Limit asking (or semi-prying) to only 3 times.
  3. Talk more. Don’t be shy. Make new friends.
  4. Stop bad habits (biting nails, waking up grumpy, sleeping late).
  5. Stop comparing.
  6. Don’t walk out. Face the problems.
  7. Limit feeling sad/bad/mad to an hour per day.
  8. Reconnect with old friends.
  9. Be more visible – as a happy person. (live and in social networking sites)
  10. Stop cursing.
  11. Bring back the meaning of the word ‘sorry’.
  12. Be a better pet owner.
  13. Be more appreciative – say ‘thank you’ more.

* I know these are over-the-top but I will really try my best to keep these 13 resolutions.

As cliche as what I have mentioned about – regarding the ‘extra’ effort I put into – may sound, it really did help. Even though regarding some things, I expected a better response from particular people, which only made me partly sad and hurt, in other things I got more than I could ever ask for. An example would be when my blockmate, who I was not really close to, texted me randomly about how much she liked my gift to her and how helpful it would be (I gave her a colorful coaster). I felt so touched with how sincere she was and I guess these little things also contribute to that magical feeling I was talking about earlier. On that note, I may not have ‘felt’ the holiday spirit but, in my own way, I lived and manifested it.

Now don’t get me started on birthdays.. (what I love even more than the holidays!)

Hoping that I can celebrate and live it up every single day and not just during the holidays!

Hoping that I can celebrate and live it up every single day and not just during the holidays!