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That night was almost like a fairytale. A night filled with magic and love and princesses and pumpkins. Maybe it was fitting. In a land of insecurities, where curly haired kids wanted straight hair and heavy kids wanted to lose weight and skinny ones wanted to gain it and everyone wanted to be somebody else. The one true beauty was the girl who simply knew herself and was happy with what she knew.

– Quote from The Wonder Years starring Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano.

I sent this quote to my friend and saved it right after. Just today, I decided to check my saved messages and saw it again. Was it destiny? because recently I have been seeing the people I care about feel insecure about themselves and I was also feeling the same way. May it be for shallow reasons such as one’s weight or those deeper realizations about life ambitions and its lack thereof. Whatever the case, I just wanted to share this short but really meaningful quote that I stumbled onto again.

The Wonder Years

Despite being an overrated show for some and the total opposite of the shows being aired nowadays, I really enjoyed The Wonder Years when I began watching reruns about a year ago and eventually downloading the entire show after. In every episode, there is a simple yet influential quote or moment that just hits you just like the particular episode from where that quote came from. So if you have nothing to do at home, try watching some episodes online, you won’t regret it.

From what I remember, in that particular episode, a girl with a big nose was being teased without her actually knowing why she was teased, despite it being fairly obvious for the rest. Only one guy liked her for who she is, when he still did not notice the big nose. When his friends told him, he was first shocked until he later on agreed. He revoked his agreement to go to the dance with her even if he was the one who asked. To the point that he regretted his decision and it was too late because the girl was happy with who she is that another guy had fallen in love with her and her lack of insecurities.

I know that we can’t just disregard our insecurities cause despite it being a hassle and obstacle for each and everyone of us, especially with regards to feeling happy, I think that these are challenges set out for us to overcome. Only when we overcome them and simply become happy with ourselves will we be able to achieve the goal we set out for ourselves. It’s better said than done. It’s definitely going to be hard. But with baby steps, such as actually trying to do something about achieving what we want rather than getting ourselves tired from all the late night thinking and feeling sad about not doing anything, we can eventually do it. It’s worth a shot. We must start trying. As people say, ‘Sometimes, in trying, there are no risks, only high rewards’. We should not stop and slow ourselves down by making the same mistakes of feeling worse and worse about ourselves and start moving on. We do and not dwell. We stand, not sit and wait for a miracle. We take baby steps to finally be able to walk on our own.

Go and Move On